TESDA 12 to implement region-wide “TESDA sa Barangay”

With the start of 2024, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority 12 will capacitate the Local Government Unit in the region through the implementation of “TESDA sa Barangay”. 

Director Abrogar II is confident that the implementation of the program will help the LGUs and Barangay as it is planned by TESDA Director General Secretary Suharto T. Mangudadatu, Ph.D., who served as local chief executive in the LGU before TESDA. 

“The secretary knows the landscape not only in the region but also in the LGUs because he has been a leader for many years,” Abrogar II said in the media interview. 

Many instructors will be trained and will be downloaded to the Municipalities and barangays in the region, with the help of LGU and Barangays it will be a local approach and TESDA can now focus on the higher level qualifications.

Director Abrogar II also set an example of the Barangay-run TESDA programs in New Cebu, President Roxas, Cotabato Province which has been successful in the implementation of the programs. 

“I’m confident that if barangay can do it, how much more the Local Government Unit” Director Abrogar II said. 

At the start of 2024, TESDA 12 plans to expedite the promotion of “TESDA sa Barangay” in the different areas and LGUs with technical assistance from the agency. 

Almost seven months as the Director General of TESDA, Secretary Mangudadatu released his ten-point agenda and one of the agendas is to pursue the “TESDA sa Barangay” and include the strengthening of the Halal industry and youth programs.

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