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One day before the change of administration, the transfer of power and the inauguration of the 15th president of the Philippines, here's the summary of whom South Cotabatenyos has voted in the nation's first ever automated election last May 10.

Although, partial and unofficial (screenshot from, it was clear and  enough to say that South Cotabato's majority casted their votes in favor of then plunder convict former president Joseph Estrada, while the president-elect Benigno, Aquino Jr. comes in second more than a hundred thousand votes behind.

Enough for the election, I voted for Gibo, but it’s Noynoy…so move on!

Ganda Ever So Much!
Ito ang entry ko para sa week 3 ng Blogoversary Contest.. Nananalo na ako sa unang dalawang week, kaya naman magti-triple effort na  ako para 3-0 ang win-loss record ko. ^^

It was November last year that i found out about this over sa sayang blog ni Sir Orman Manansala (kelangan ng "sir", mas bata ako sa kanya), fan at avid reader ako ng Gensan News Online Mag  (idol ko si sir avel), i frequently visit the site for some good news around the city (gensan), then sa di ko malaman kung anung dahilan eh over nakaagaw sa aking pansin ang isang palaka (logo ng blog ni sir orman), aksidenting na-iclick ko ito at ayun! taaraaan.. napunta ako sa kakaibang mundo ng, di ko makakalimutan ang post sa araw na yun- TEN RULES SA TAGAY, meron pa lang ganun, natawa ako (hahaha, ever!) at ayun nagsimula na ang aking pagbabasa sa iba pang posts. 

Masaya, kakaiba at super-inspired ang author--- yan ang first impression ko sa, makikita yan sa mga Blog Categories pa lang, over na over sa mga EVER! :) Nakahiligan ko nang basahin, sa tingin ko nga eh, tinamaan ako ng love-at-first-sight sa blog na 'to sa mga sandaling yun. Kakaiba ang paraan ng pagkakagawa ng mga istorya-- ang galing! sa tingin ko yung mga busog lang sa pagmamahal (tsk! tsk!) ang mga nakakaisip nun! Makaka-relate ang mga nagbabasa plus pa ang mga nakakatawang mga grammar na nagagamit kahit na serious yung topic. (ganda ever!)

Read any post at and it will keep you reading the rest of the blogs (yung ibang post password protected, uhmmm) and keep you coming back, and here's some reasons why;

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Iilan lang ang mga yan pero over na para basahin at balik-balikan ko ang kakaiba at nag-iisang cool at hanep sa sayang mga posts sa, pero kung may ilan paring 'di kuntento, ewan ko nalang sa inyo, ever!

Happy 1st Blogoversary!

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Asin, the only known folk group and socio-political critic of the countrys unfolding history, will be having an open-air reunion concert on July 14, 2010 at 9-11pm, in front of the SMRAA Complex Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City in-line with the province's celebration of the 11th T'nalak Festival and 44th Foundation Anniversary. This is a FREE CONCERT courtesy of  governor-elect Arthur "Dodo" Pingoy, Jr.

Reports said that Nonoy Pillora will be coming home on July 12, 2010, he is now based in Israel and still performing with his group called "Noyginjiinteraktiv". Lolita Carbon who is now in Las Vegas will also be coming over.
With unwavering faith, Asin will once again sing songs culled from their past albums from 1978 (self-titled debut album) up to their comeback album in 2001 (Pag-ibig, Pagbabago, Pagpapatuloy). Songs like Masdan ang Kapaligiran,Himig ng Pag-ibig, At Tayoy Dahon, Itanong Mo sa mga Bata, Magulang, the popular Sa bayan kong Sinilangan, and many more made Asin a byword for ethnic-folk music in every Filipino household.

ASIN - FOLK/ROCK GROUP LEGEND-Info from wikipedia

Asin (sometimes spelled ASIN, in all capital letters) is a Pinoy rock and folk rock band from the Philippines. They were formed during the 1970s and originally known as Salt of the Earth from the song of Joan Baez, but later Filipinized their name into "Asin", which means salt in the Filipino language.

Past and present members

* Pendong Aban - current member, who later formed the group Ang Grupong Pendong
* Lolita Carbon - current member
* Saro Bañares - who was murdered in 1993 in a bar brawl in South Cotabato, Philippines
* Mike Pillora - former member
* Boboy Doromal -former member
* Boy Militar -former member


After fronting rock and roll bands during her teens, Lolita Carbon met Cesar "Saro" Bañares, Mike Pillora, and Pendong Aban in Kola House, a folk rock club, and then decided to form their own musical group, naming it Salt of the Earth.

They had signed a major record label and renamed their band to Asin after a record producer was searching for a "female" Freddie Aguilar, taking advantage of the Filipino folk rock boom during the late 1970s. Their eponymous 1976 debut album includes a cover of Freddie Aguilar's "Anak" and the rest are all original works.

Some of their popular songs include the environmental song "Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran" (Observe the Environment), "Ang Bayan Kong Sinilangan" (The Land Where I Was Born), "Pagbabalik" (Return) and "Balita" (News). According to Pendong Aban who grew up in Agusan del Norte, most of their songs were based on the experiences in Mindanao. Because of too much illegal logging and violence in their homeland, they wrote lyrics that hoped for peace and a better environment in Mindanao. They sometimes use kulintang and other traditional instruments of the southern Philippines to give their music a more indigenous spirit.

In 1993, Saro Bañares was murdered in a bar brawl in South Cotabato because he refused to sing for a lawyer, causing the group's members to part ways. Aban had his band Ang Grupong Pendong, while Carbon went solo.

One July evening in 1999, at a concert in Bahay ng Alumni at U.P. Diliman, while waiting for their respective turns to perform in a concert for press freedom, Pendong and Lolita sat together to share about their experiences as each carved a career of his/her own. One of the most common experiences they had in their concert tours is the audience’s reaction when they sing songs of ASIN as part of their repertoire. From children to teenagers to old folks, the same reaction would be observed. It is both of reminiscence and amazement at hearing the songs again and watching an ASIN member performing live.

Later in 2000, they decided to reunite but Pillora backed out later, although Pillora gave his blessings to the new album that Carbon and Aban would release. The record album Pag-ibig, Pagbabago, Pagpapatuloy, the first Asin album after 12 years, features unreleased materials of the late Bañares.

Pendong and Lolita both acknowledged the fact that their songs have transcended three decades and yet the message that each song carries (from the seven albums that ASIN recorded) is still as relevant and as meaningful to the present times. Both recognized the fact that there is hunger for the music that relates to the present situation that Filipinos are in, whether they are in the country of their birth or in some other adopted land across the seven seas; music that tells of every Filipino’s dream, aspiration, desires, even heartbreaks or social commentaries that reflect the true Filipino culture.

Importance of Asin

Asin were the first group to incorporate Filipino indigenous instruments into pop/rock music. They also studied Filipino tribal music and did what they could to be true to the origins of the music. Instead of plagiarising the indigenous music they set about educating people about respecting the origins of the music and representing it with agreement from the tribal sources.

Asin were also important in the political world and although they did not set out to be a political band they reflected the political message needed for the times. This should be seen against the backdrop of martial law during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos. Occasionally their recordings were confiscated as subversive yet on the other hand they were invited to play at the Presidential Palace.

Reference to Asin

The Tagalog lyrics of Black Eyed Peas' "The Apl Song" is based on "Balita" (Tagalog for News), one of Asin's songs. "The Apl Song" tells about the hardships of Allan Pineda, member of the Black Eyed Peas, that he experienced during his childhood in Angeles City, Pampanga. He chose "Balita" because he grew up listening to Asin. Balita' is also sampled in a Gloc 9's 2009 album release Matrikula.


* Best Folksong of the Year for “Orasyon” – AWIT Awards 1984
* Best Album of the Year for “Himig ng Lahi” – AWIT Awards 1984
* Album of the Year for “Himig ng Lahi – Jingle Magazine Awards 1984
* Best Vocal Arrangement for Group in “Lupa” – Cecil Awards 1986
* Department of Environment and Natural Resources Likas Yaman Award for “Masdan and Kapaligiran” 1991
* For Lolita Carbon – Best Rock Recoding for “Paraisong Liku-liko”, AWIT Awards 1990
* For Pendong Aban, Jr. – Best World Music Album for “Ang Grupong Pendong – Dito Sa Lupa”
* Album – Katha Music Awards 1995
* Best Folksong for “Pagbabalik” – Aliw Awards 1979
* Nominated as Best Rock Recording for “Usok” in the 1st Cecil Awards
* Best Musical Arrangement for “Dalawang Dekada ng Asin (Overture)”, AWIT Awards 2002
* Environmental Champions 2004- DENR/WORLD BANK Publication- Environmental Monitor 2004, given June 20, 2005

We from the SocCSKSarGenDS-AGENDA- a broad alliance of anti-mining here in the region support Gov. Daisy Avance Fuentes to sign before her terms end on June 30, 2010 the newly approved Environmental Code by the members of Sangguniang Panlalawigan of South Cotabato during their regular session last June 9, 2010.

The approval of the said ordinance banning the open-pit mining method in the province especially the operation of Xstrata-SMI is a great victory for the people in the region. The decision was made amidst the presence of the mining company but still people’s assertion to pass it prevails.

We know for a fact that the operation of this foreign-backed company will not only aggravate the environment but also affect the livelihood of the people and will displace farmers, especially the indigenous people and other sectors throughout their operation as what had happened in the other area where the government allowed this destructive method of open pit mining.

We also denounce the company’s claim that they have massive support from the people as presented during their public scoping. In fact, the public scoping was welcomed by protest from various sectors.

The real plight of the people must be seen by Xstrata-SMI. The company is only aiming for profit while the Environmental Code lies in the framework for the general interest of the people of South Cotabato. It is a victory of 15 years struggle since the Western Mining Corporation come into our region.

The passage of this ordinance will be historical, a great leap to the local government unit as well as to the people for we have long-standing environmental concerns- multinational corporations exploiting our resources while our people didn’t benefit out of it. Development aggression is intensifying coupled with massive human rights violations committed by the military who also serves as the company’s protector.

We also welcome if the outgoing Governor will call to repeal the Mining Act of 1995 that allows and guaranty this foreign mining company to enter the country for she will be representing District II of South Cotabato for the 15th Congress.

The Great Sons and Daughters of Norala,(TGSDN) Inc., is  an association of professionals and the intellectuals of Norala. One of the primary purposes of the association is to re-awaken the spirit of  their beloved town.

For the last two years since it's founding and incorporation, The Great Sons and Daughters of Norala Association, Inc. (TGSDN) has continued to set the trends in providing public service for the Noralian community. It has been trailblazing in providing noteworthy projects/ programs for Noralians, uplifting their morale and welfare through the association’s social responsibilities, and making part of its members’ culture the value of serving and civic consciousness.

Today, TGSDN stays focused in its vision of becoming a major provider of effective social services to the Norala community and is prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead. The success and stature the Association has today, it owes to the loyalty, enthusiasm, and patronage of its members and the dedication of its officers and directors.

TGSDN shall be a major service oriented association for a Great Norala community.


To promote the culture of true and dedicated public service among Noralians, and to provide assistance to them in whatever nature in order to uplift their socio- economic well- being and improve their ability to serve the nation and society.

Recently, TGSDN, Inc. has launched it's Norala-wide campaign called "Search for Norala's Cleanest and Greenest Barangay 2010", a clean and green contest open to all barangays of the municipality.

Prizes are in form of projects and/or equipments, as follow:
1st Prize:  60,000.00 pesos
2nd Prize: 25,000.00 pesos
3rd Prize: 15,000.00 pesos

Proclaimation of winners will be on December 2010.

The Department of Education (DepEd) regional office here expects a million students, both enrolled in public and private schools, to attend the opening of classes on June 15 amid heavy traffic during peak hours that usually accompany the regular school season. Colleges and universities will also start their regular classes on Tuesday but enrollment may still go on for a week more.  

DepEd 12 Assistant Director Allan Farnazo said enrolled students in public schools have reached up to half a million compared to more than 300,000 in private schools, both in the secondary and elementary levels.. Increase in tuition fees and matriculation among private schools, Farnazo said, have compelled parents to transfer their children to low-tuition learning institutions. “This had been the scenario in the past years,” Farnazo said. “This is not new anymore, we are expecting this.” But Farnazo said more rooms are needed to cater to the growing population of students in public schools in the region.  

In 2009, Farnazo said public schools in the region accommodated more than 800,000 students, “We are very optimistic that the number will increase.” “Even if there is high enrollment rate, we also mean quality education as much as we want to have free education for all of the Filipino children,” said Farnazo, adding that more teachers have been hired to give the necessary learning to the students in public schools..
In South Cotabato, Division Planning Officer Cristopher Frusa said that in 2009 elementary pupils reached up to more than 90,000 because of free education and public schools here have targeted a 5.82 percent increase. “Nagalagas kita sang commitment sang probinsya sa free education for all come 2015 magtaas ang aton nga participation rate by 90 to 100 percent if possible,” said Frusa while the Division Office is looking forward to the 103,380 population in elementary level and 38, 814 students in secondary level with a target of 8.03 percent this school year. (

With environment included in its priority agenda especially on solid waste management , the P 7.7 million Surallah Cluster Sanitary Landfill (SLF) is now making headway in its construction development at Barangay Colongulo, Surallah, reaching almost 50% accomplishment as per latest monitoring report submitted.

Provincial Environment Management Officer Ramon Ponce de Leon disclosed that P 5 million was allotted by the provincial government in the said project, which will receive solid wastes from the cluster municipalities of Banga, Sto. Nino, Norala, Lake Sebu, T’boli and host Surallah.

“Hopefully, the Surallah SLF will be completely operational by September to October this year,” Project Engineer Roldan Eusoya of the Surallah Municipal Engineers Office confirmed.

Earlier, the cleaning and grubbing with disposal of waste and installation of power line as part of its electrical works in the Administrative building are 100% accomplished to start up the initial phase of the construction.

It is followed by other construction works, such as the excavation, embankment, drainage canal, water system, clay liner and installation of reinforced concrete pipe, flush box and catch basin and construction of administrative building.

The monitoring team is composed of Engr. Elbe Balucanag of PEMO, Engr. Era Ignes of PEO, Abdulkhair Ringgia of DENR-EMB and Surallah MENRO Yolanda Plaira.

The Philippine Ecological Governance or Eco-Gov 2, a USAID-funded environment NGO provided technical assistance to the project which clustered the collection of residual wastes in the province.

With its abundant historical, cultural and natural resources, Barangay Linan in the municipality of Tupi may soon become as the province’s newest tourist destination after the pristine Lake Sebu, which is dubbed as the summer and tilapia capital of South Cotabato.

Senior Tourism Operations Officer Cesar Sulit Jr. disclosed in his tourism development plan that Barangay Linan, which is only about 4 to 5 kilometers away from poblacion Tupi, possessed potential resources for tourism such as its rich historical and cultural heritage and natural attractions.

“We have identified potential attractions in Barangay Linan in Tupi and these include its wildlife and forest park, Bailinan River, pineapple plantations and orchards, its eleven waterfalls, caves, springs, Pilgrim Hill, and cultural assets,” Sulit stressed.

“Of the potential tourist attractions, we consider wildlife tourism as the banner site of the community,” Sulit added.

The Philippine tarsier dubbed as the smallest primate or monkey in the world and famous in Bohol province can be found in Barangay Linan and breeds naturally.

B’laan natives call it “tukay mal” (small monkey), but there are other sightings from natives who confessed seeing a “bong mal” or a bigger monkey similar to the tarsier roaming within the area.

“Part of the province’s tourism development programs and projects for Linan include site development, bio-diversity preservation and wildlife protection, cultural asset revaluing and promotion, marketing and promotion and monitoring and evaluation,” Sulit further added.

For extreme sports enthusiasts, Linan can provide rock climbing, mountain biking and mountain-climbing, and other family outdoor activities such as swimming, camping, picnicking, among others.(

The Local Government of Tampakan together with the Municipal Tourism Council is busy preparing for its forthcoming 41st Foundation Anniversary and the 7th Lam-Alay Festival 2010. This was revealed by Tampakan acting municipal Mayor Pedro A. Cagas in a press conference called for just recently.

The three days celebration were lined up with different activities and programs and will open on the night of June 17, 2010, with the Nights of the Champions as its opening salvo. Different champions from Tampakan in the different fields of endeavor in arts, culture and other will be showcased.

The programs and activities include diana; civic parade; agri-trade and display of locally-produced goods, food and beverages and jobs fair; sports, first aide and field demonstration competitions; ecumenical and thanksgiving mass; eco-challenge; variety show; SMI day; kantahan sa bayan; launching of Mobile Community Information Resource Center; inter-LGU Sportfest; media tour to different local tourist destination in the municipality and the most awaited highlights of the celebration, the Search for Mutya ng Tampakan.

Acting Mayor Pedro Cagas said that the local government is now busy preparing with the help of different organizations, committees and agency's involve in the preparation for the successful celebration of Lum-Alay Festival and Foundation Anniversary.
The amount of P1.5 million was appropriated by the municipal government for the activities that would make the festivities more meaningful and successful.
The good mayor also expressed great appreciation thanks for the presence of the media. He also urged them to help in the information and dissemination of the development and progress of the locality as they invite the general public to visit and see Tampakan in its anniversary celebration on June 17-21, 2010.

Meanwhile, Tampakan Police chief P/SInsp. Virgilio E. Carreon assured the public that they will provide security and maintain peace and order during the duration of the programs and that their office has already prepared a contingency and security plan with the help of friendly forces such as army, tanods and Cafgu's and other organizations.
Tampakan, as one of the rich municipalities in South Cotabato has been endowed with natural beauty- the vast expanse of fertile lands abounding mountains that contributes in making us the "Fruit-Fiber and Corn Producer."

Tampakan was once a barangay of Tupi, South Cotabato. It was a forested area opened through the administration of and facilities of National Land Settlement Administration (NLSA) in 1940.
In 1964, Tampakan was created into municipality through the infamous proclamation of the administration of Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal.

Tampakan's creation into municipality was repelled and was forwarded to the Philippine Legislative branch for legislation. Awaiting the approval of the Philippine Legislative branch, Tampakan was reverted into barangay.
On June 21, 1969 Republic Act No. 5661 was approved in the House of Senate and Representative creating the municipality of Tampakan.

Within 41 years Tampakan has accelerated its development bringing to fore various projects and services beneficial and contributory to propelling socio-economic dynamism among it people. Development effort for the past 41 years yielded the entry of major companies on mining industry, papaya, pineapple and banana plantations and others. The presence of companies are creating more jobs and surging its local employment and improve the way of living of the local populace. (aca/PIA12)

Inspired by, and in celebration of the world-class South Cotabateño, the provincial government of South Cotabato launched the “Balik South Cotabato Program,” a unique endeavor uniting the global South Cotabateño who has gained grounds, expanded horizons and forged frontiers on foreign shores.

Driven by the tourism philosophy that “the greatest journey is the one that takes you home,” the program's primary aim is to unite, inform and strengthen the bonds with those from South Cotabato who live and work abroad and invite them to come home during key events in the province, like the much anticipated T'nalak Festival.

Enrolling in the “Balik South Cotabato Program” will establish direct linkages for South Cotabateños living outside their home province to receive information through mailed brochures and e-mails of interesting occasions and events happening back home.


1. Balik South Cotabato Privilege Card

In line with the T'nalak Festival Celebration , the Balik South Cotabato Privilege Card will be given to local and foreign balikbayans who have registered in the Balik South Cotabato Program. The card will give guests the opportunity to experience a wide range of exciting options during the festival, from invitations to the Balikbayan Night, International Motorcade, invitation to various T'nalak Festival events with prime seating, tours of the province's scenic tourist destinations, airport welcome and great discounts at malls, restaurants, nightspots, cafes and spas among numerous other establishments, all making the T'nalak Festival experience truly unforgettable.

To claim their Balik South Cotabato Privilege Cards guests are requested to present their passports (for foreign balikbayans) or their employment/school identification cards (local balikbayans) at the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Sports (ACTS) Promotions Unit located on the 2nd Floor of the Provincial Planning and Development Office, Capitol Compound, City of Koronadal .

2. Balikbayan Night

The province looks forward to celebrating its T'nalak Festival enhanced with numerous exciting events lined up. The much awaited T'nalak Festival will be celebrating its international flair with a Balikbayan Night as a special welcome home party for all the global South Cotabateños . This will also be a venue to honor those who have achieved exceptionally well in various fields and contributed to benchmarking what makes the South Cotabateño truly world-class. The evening will be highlighted by a dinner, cultural presentation and fashion show of the province's leading designers.

3. Mutya ng South Cotabato

Another event that will be fused with international style is the search for Mutya ng South Cotabato. The pageant is open for aspiring candidates who are from, and reside in South Cotabato to represent the province's city/municipalities as well as have the opportunity to represent a South Cotabato community/organization abroad. The pageant's doors are also open for internationally based South Cotabateñas to represent the foreign land they call their home away from home. A truly worldwide convergence fused into one prestigious and global search for Mutya ng South Cotabato.

Mutya ng South Cotabato has grown to become an event that will epitomize a woman of the world - beautiful, intelligent, exotic, almost intimidating, but with an elegant and mysterious quality that makes one eager to discover more about her, and the southern paradise land she calls home.

4. International Motorcade

As part of the festivities for T'nalak Festival, with the sound of vibrant music, performers will fill the streets adorned in their colorful costumes. Balikbayan guests will also be invited to join the motorcade and be part of the fun during the T'nalak Festival Opening Parade with a burst of color and music to thrill the senses.

5. Prime Seating at Selected T'nalak Festival Events

To ensure that visiting guests thoroughly enjoy the T'nalak Festival, our balikbayans will be treated to special passes with prime seating allocation during selected T'nalak Festival events.

6. Tour Package

For balikbayan guests from South Cotabato to get an experience of the province's tourism destinations they will be provided with special tours of scenic locations such as the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu.

7. Airport Welcome for Group Arrivals

Upon arrival at the General Santos Airport , South Cotabato balikbayans arriving in groups will be treated to a South Cotabato inspired airport welcome throughout the days of the T'nalak Festival.


South Cotabato balikbayans who will be travelling home in time for T'nalak Festival or during any other time of the year are requested to furnish the ACTS Office with tentative or final dates of their arrival in South Cotabato by sending their travel details/itinerary to the following e-mail address .



2 nd Floor, Provincial Planning and Development Office

Capitol Compound, Alunan Avenue ,

City of Koronadal

Telefax No: + 63 83 228-3447


We look forward to welcoming you home!

Koronadalenyos are set to celebrate the 112th Philippine Independence on June 12, which will be participated in by students, government officials and workers, including those coming from the private sector.

There will be wreath-laying ceremony at the Rizal Park at 6:30am which will be led by Hon. City Mayor Fernando Q. Miguel and members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

There will be a re-enactment of historical events, including the evolution of the Philippine Flag and a series of folk and contemporary dances are lined up to liven up the celebration.

This year's theme is "Kalayaan: Tagumpay ng Bayan."

Do you have what it takes to be the next beauty queen? Join this year’s search for the next Miss Silka!

Aspiring candidates should be:

  • between 15 to 21 years old;
  • At least 5’3" tall;
  • have a kutis silka;
  • have beauty and brain;
  • presently enrolled in a public/private school

Register Now!
text Name/age/school name/contact number
send to 09237191012

The Farm @ Carpenter Hill is all of hotel, restaurant, garden resort, and events center rolled into one. It is situated in a 12-hectare expanse along the National Highway just outside the poblacion of Koronadal City. The Farm @ Carpenter Hill is accredited by the Department of Tourism.

ROOM RATES at The Farm @ Carpenter Hill

Japanese Villas (airconditioned) - P 3,500
Good for 2 persons

Family Room (airconditioned) - P 4,200
Good for 2 persons

Jr. Executive Room (airconditioned) - P 2, 900
Good for 1 person
Standard Twin Room (airconditioned) - P 2,500
Good for 2 persons

Standard Matrimonial Room (airconditioned) - P 2,000
Good for 2 persons

Palm's Residence Hall / Dormitory Room (airconditioned) - P 5,500
- with 10 single beds

For inquiries contact The Farm @ Carpenter Hill at the following numbers:

(083) 228-1888
(083) 228-9010

SMI employs a diverse workforce, to benefit from a varied range of skills, backgrounds and perspectives. It employs people based on the skills and experience required for each particular position, without discrimination according to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or any other factor.

In the year ending December 2008, SMI provided jobs for 209 employees and 846 contractors. More than half of the total workforce or 54.5% came from the Project’s three host municipalities, 26.4% from the surrounding provinces and cities, 17.7% from other Mindanao, Luzon and Visayas areas, and only 1.4% originated from outside of the Philippines.

As the Tampakan Project is still in the early stages of exploration, there are limited full-time employment opportunities available. However as the project progress, employment opportunities are expected to increase.


(Southern Mindanao - General Santos City)


SM Supermalls is in need of young, aggressive and competent ENGINEERS and ARCHITECTS to join the growing number of employees who have made a career in Mall Operations.

You can be our next:

* RESIDENT ENGINEER (Electrical Engineers only)


Graduate of any engineering course, architecture, preferably licensed and with experience.

* Ability to withstand pressure, and willing to work on weekends and on holidays.
*Strong commitment to customer satisfaction, high attributes of initiative, leadership and tenacity.
* Keen on details and with good sense of judgment.
* With good communication skills.

Should you wish to apply for this position, please send resume and picture to and quote: SM Eng - Eng Gen San

Application deadline on 27-07-10

Discover the science of youthful skin and body. Your ultimate way to perfection. 
ToledoMed Skin and Body Centre offers complete and modern facilities for facial treatments, aesthetic and dermatological services, laser & radiofrequency treatment, cosmetic surgery procedures and medical spa services.

For appointments:
Call 228.8288/228.8088 or text 09178157652
or visit the clinic at our branches:

  • 2/F South Cotabato Gym and Cultural Center, Alunan Avenue,City of Koronadal
  • Dalton Bldng. Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City (infront of city public market)
  • Tacurong City Branch at 2/F Ouano Building, National Highway or call 064.200.6705 or text 09228441299.
 and soon to open GENSAN and DAVAO BRANCH!!

Mindanao’s tallest building will soon rise in Koronadal City with the projected completion of the P250-million Amparo Suites in May next year.

“It will have a total of 21 floors with a helipad on the rooftop” said Australia-based Filipino architect Sol Uy Flores during a press conference held Wednesday at the Doctors Clinic and Hospital Inc.

The ground breaking ceremony was held  last May 12, 2010 at the site - a 7,000 square meter lot located beside the sister companies DCHI and Saint Alexius College.

A capsule with a blue print and signatures of the board of directors was buried by DCHI president Dr. Arturo “Tatay” Pingoy.

Also present were Gov. Arthur “Dodo” Pingoy and his wife Anabelle, Dr. Nanette Pingoy-Franco and husband John, Dr. Albert “Bobot” Pingoy and Karl Frederick Sims of Coalesce Hotel and Resorts Management.

Koronadal City presently has no decent big hotel for big conventions. And even if big conventions or events are held in the city or province, the visitors are usually brought to nearby General Santos City for billeting.

“This is one way of promoting and helping the province. We encourage more investors here in South Cotabato,” Gov. Pingoy.

Sims, on the other hand, said that they are aiming to make Amparo Suites a “four-star superior hotel”. He added that they can help the tourism not only in South Cotabato but also are willing to help the other hotels in Mindanao.

“We have a very good team. That is why we think this is viable,” said Dr. Albert Pingoy, who also owns AYP Holdings.

The Amparo Suites can also be a good training ground for the hotel and restaurant management students of Saint Alexius College.

But Kims said that they will have a good solid and constant training program and “will look for every small details to give comfort to all our guests.”

The Amparo Suites will also be the first and only building that has a “twisting or spiral design”. The construction will start on May 18 and hopefully it will be completed in one year.

The tower building is inspired by the deformed cylindrical shape of a tree and the aerodynamics of aerofoil fins. It will feature an iconic landmark of Koronadal City, characterized by vertical slots with private view.

Amparo Suites encapsulates speed, fluid dynamics, future technology and natural patterns of organization created from a humble beginning.

“No worry on earthquakes since this building will have the best technology we have from Australia. And we have already tested the soil,” said Flores, also a Master civil engineer from Perth Australia.

The ground floor will be the commercial area and parking space. The hotel will have a coffee shop, lobby restaurant, function rooms, maximum space function rooms, private rooms, VIP Lounge, fine dining restaurant, private exclusive offices, VIP exclusive restaurant, chill out bar, gym, spa and a 25-meter swimming pool.

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