5th Lembohung Festival Schedule of Activities

With the theme, "Kulturang Yaman Tulay sa Kaunlaran", the people of  fast-growing municipality of Surallah in South Cotabato invites everyone to celebrate with them this year's LEMBOHUNG FESTIVAL. Set this coming September 18 -22, Lembohung Festival is a celebration which aims to promote the preservation, promotion and development of arts, culture and traditions in Surallah. Lembohung Festival is now on it's 5th year.

Below is the schedule of activities for the 5th Lembohung Festival of Surallah, South Cotabato.
Lembohung Festival is now on the 5th year.
Happy 5th Lembohung Festival to all the people of Surallah!

Lembohung comes from two  T'boli words, LEM which means "within" and BUHONG a pineapple-like ornamental plant that grows abundantly in the area which the native called Lembohung now known as Barangay Libertad.

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