South Cotabato’s Kawayan Festival set on February 15 - 21

South Cotabato’s Kawayan Festival, which promotes sustainability of the bamboo trade and industry of the province is scheduled on February 15 – 21, said Protech Center Manager Manny Jumilla.

Jumilla said, “South Cotabato is abundant with bamboo. If this will not be utilized, we would not have a sustainable industry.”

The activities of the one-week celebration include: Likha Kawayan, featuring crafts, tools and replicas made out of bamboo; Living room showcase, which will feature designs of local bamboo craftsmen; Sayaw Kawayan, featuring dances using bamboo as main props; and Himig Kawayan, which highlights musical creations using bamboo instruments.

Games such as bamboo relay, kadang-kadang, and palo sebo will also be played between teams of individuals involved in the bamboo industry.

Jumilla said, “These contests and activities will pave the way for public awareness of bamboo and will widen the trade and industry of bamboo.”

Protech Center will coordinate with the South Cotabato Culture and Arts Foundation (SCCAFI) for the Sayaw and Himig Kawayan presentations and with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the distribution of bamboo seedlings to promote bamboo production in communities in the entire province.

Kawayan Festival started in 2004 as an offshoot of the establishment of Protech Center. (DED/PDERana/PIA 12)

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