MYMP Live in Gensan!

It's always a perfect mix when you have a cup of coffee on a cool rainy day while listening to some soulful acoustic music.

That is why, KCC Mall of Gensan will be staging the most sought acoustic band of the Philippines. The band that raised the bar of acoustic genre after winning the 1996 National Championship of SMB Battle of Bands. Before that, the group also won the NCR Championship and grab the Best Vocalist and Best Lead-Guitarist Awards.

Their journey to fame started when they were in college as a simple band, jamming during college fairs and shows. As they were pursuing a career in music industry the band decided to have a female vocalist in 2000, giving them a path to performed in bars, clubs and corporate parties.

This time, with the new vocalist, the band Make your Momma Proud or better known as MYMP is set to serenade the generals with their latest line up of soulful acoustics from their latest album at the KCC Convention and Events Center on June 24, 6pm. 

A sweet treat for lovers, music lovers and acoustic fanatics all from the leading shopping destination in South Central Mindanao.

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  1. bagong vocalist?? you mean Juris is out?

  2. dugay na kaya nga indi na si juris ang lead vocal sang MYMP  Januray 2010 pa yun napalitan, i'm not sure with her name basta tagal na yun, but most still love juris.. i'm going to watch this free show!


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