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Ostrich and Crocodile meat at Pensoy's Grill

Have you eaten a crocodile meat before? How about ostrich? Well, if you ask me, luckily YES! And that was two days ago in a newly re-opened restaurant right here in General Santos City. The place is called Pensoy's Grill.

Located along the national highway, right inside where Mr. Bigshot is also located, the former Sixblings opened three weeks ago with a new name - Pensoy's Grill, and a new sporty look. Specially designed posters of famous sports icon in the world including Michael Jordan, Manny Pacquiao and many others hangs on the walls of one of their function rooms, different sports gears and equipment were also displayed from walls to ceilings and preserved animals too like ostrichs and crocodile's were framed and displayed artistically, giving the place a unique and comfortable look. Great place.

Try something different. Pensoy's Grill is the only restaurant in General Santos City  that serves ostrich and crocodile meat in one. I was able to try their ostrich steak, ostrich burger, and the taste was comparable to chicken but was totally different as compared to the usual steak or burgers we used to eat. They also served us with their versions of Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Ostrich Spaghetti, Ostrich Molo Soup, Buffalo Wings, Lechon de Leche and many more including those made with crocodile meat. Their own version of the Filipino all-time favorite Sisig made from crocodile meat has easily become my favorite, it was for me - a winner! Great foods at Pensoy's Grill.
Ostrich Steak at Pensoy's Grill. Photo by Cidz Bascon of  Food Kiosk
Croco Sisig @ Pensoy' Grill. Photo by Cidz Bascon of Food Kiosk
Aside from foods, I find music at Pensoy's Grill also great. They have live band performing every night - the Kinetics band and the equally entertaining BTB (Bulag, Taba, Bayot) band. How about that with a subzero (double-chilled) beer?

To sum up, for me Pensoy's Grill offers grEAT foods, grEAT music, and has a grEAT place, plus their beer's also great! :D

Pensoy's Grill has a wide parking space and opens from 3pm.
For reservations and inquiries, contact Pensoy's Grill at 0922 803 1961.

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  1. it seems you are a satisfied customer of the grill, good review and adverts for them, hope you get a free bottles of beer next time hehehe...

  2. I've tried croc meat before, but not ostrich! :D Would love to get a taste of it for myself in the near future. Anyway, that sizzling ostrich steak and  croco sisig look so appetizing!

  3. Tsk! No doubt, very much satisfied. Great foods plus good service from the staffs, i recommend the place to everyone :)

  4. havent tried ostrich... but i think the crocs meat, as far as i could remember had the texture of a certain kind of fish... but not so much similar... all i remember was... the flavors mix really well with the meat...

  5. But they are rare or hard-to-find meats.  How about the price per serving, is it affordable or too pricey considering the rarity of the dish.  Were you able to inquire where they sourced their meat?

  6. Tried those exotic dishes here in Davao at RiverWalk Crocodile Park. :D


  7. Wow, I commend you for being the food adventurer! Heheh.. if you like really unique dishes, you should try Restorante La Capre by Quezon City. They offer exotic dishes that use horse, and even wild boar. You check out their menu on this link:

  8. I'm so afraid of eating crocodile meat, hehehe! We have it here in Davao but I'm just not the type to eat some exotic food. I think ostrich is fine, though. =)

  9. I've been there, and have tried that when we were at Gen San just last February during their fest.  Is this the former Six Cycles?  The ostrich meat taste something like chicken, while the croc meat, something like pork.  Sounds eeky but sumptuous should I say.

  10. Kudos for being a food adventurer! I never tried eating those exotic foods. Need more courage to eat some. :(

  11. yup! ito po ung dating Six'Blings :D

  12. I will update this post with prices of their menus, tnx for reminding, as to where they source out their ostrichs and croco meats i've heard from Palawan and CDO if i'm not mistaken :D

  13. Kalabasa K. KamoteJun 9, 2012, 10:41:00 AM

    Wow! I'll surely try those exotic meats when I return to GenSan. :D


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